EDA Planning Program and Local Technical Assistance Program

Solicitation # EDA-HDQ-TA-HDQ-2016-2004759

Amount Max: $300,000 Deadline Nov. 2, 2039, 8:54 p.m.

  Project POC Match (Similarity Ratio)
Makerspace Funding Gateway Sean Auriti 80
Public Makerspaces Sean Auriti 79
Makerspace Grant Resources Andew Morrison 78
Emrals Sean Auriti 78
Makerspace Community Infrastructure Lew Lefton 77
Makerspace Collaborative eCan Sean Auriti 77
Makerspace and Higher Education Amanda Ervin 75
Corporate Donors for Makerspaces Mike Rushton 74
Building a Makerspace Culture David Brightbill 74
Spurri Sean Auriti 74
Makerspace Infrastructure Management J.R. Logan 73
Makerspace Inventory Tracker Amanda Ervin 73
Makerspace Funding Andrew Coy 73
Makerspace Safety Training J.R. Logan 72
Making in Public Schools Miguel Almena 71
Makerspace Network Dana Woodman 71
Makerspace Education Documentation nan Braun 71
Makerspace Marketing Help Mike Rushton 71
Making in Schools Brent Richardson 70
Makerspace Business Model Stephen Tibbitts 70
Streamlined Resources for Makerspaces J.R. Logan 70
Mini Maker Faire Outreach Brent Richardson 70
Makerspace Measurement of Innovation Sean Auriti 70
Non-Monetary Benefits for Makerspaces Kari Love 70
Makerspace Tools and Equipment Sean Auriti 70
Sustainable Makerspace Funding Meredith Wenger 70
Makerspace Publicity Kyle Krieg 69
Makerspace Volunteer Management Mike Rushton 69
Makerspace Funding for Interdisciplinary Programs Meredith Wenger 69
Surplus for Makerspaces John Fenley 68
Makerspace Safety Training Tom Tongue 68
Makerspace Insurance Jamie Szafran 68
Makerspaces in Underserved Communities Laura Ulibarri 68
Growing Makerspaces 68
Nation of Makers Yearly Conference Sean Auriti 67
Makerspace Operations Tanju (TJ) Bayramoglu 67
Government Surplus for Makerspaces Eric Harness 67
Definition of Makerspace Justin Merrell 67
Ultima Yangbo Du 67
Makerspace Economic Development David Brightbill 66
Makerspace Lawyers Jamie Szafran 66
Makerspace APP Sean Auriti 66
Makerspace criteria for impact and documentation Margaret Pastel 66
Makerspace Project Kit Sean Auriti 66
Fast Internet for Makerspaces David Brightbill 65
Makerspace Leadership Development David Brightbill 65
Space for Makerspaces 65
Makerspace Vendor Interaction Eric Harness 65
Makerspace Marketing Beth Sallay 64
Memberhsip Management Stephen Tibbitts 64
eCan at NYU Sean Auriti 64
Makerspace central documentation Patrik D’haeseleer 64
Makerspace Zoning Madelene Fetsch 64
Makerspace Waste Disposal Eric Harness 63
Makerspace Leadership Development Tanju (TJ) Bayramoglu 63
Makerspace Public Marketing Julia Longtin 63
Space for Makerspaces 2 John Fenley 63
Makerspace Member Retention J.R. Logan 63
Public View of Makersapces Andrew Coy 63
Makerspace Inclusion David Brightbill 62
Makerspace Community of Practice Andrew Coy 62
Makerspace Business Training Jamie Szafran 62
Liability Insurance for Makerspaces nan Braun 62
Makerspace Accounting Eric Harness 62
Makerspace Sensor Network John Eich 61
Makerspace Diversity David Brightbill 61
Makerspace Educational Standards Brent Richardson 61
Makerspace Business Operations Laura Ulibarri 61
Makerspace Curriculum Archiving Carl Lozar 60
Discovering Collaborators and Resources for Makerspaces Maureen Muldavin 60
Makerspace Insurance 2 Frank Cornacchuilo 60
Makerspace Learning Gateway Sean Auriti 60
Closing the digital divide David Overland 60
Makerspace Best Practices Madelene Fetsch 60
Makerspace Population Representation Brent Richardson 60
Technical training for minority Communities David Brightbill 60
Maker Scaffolding Brent Richardson 59
Makerspace Leadership Burnout David Brightbill 59
eCan for ps333 Sean Auriti 59
Makerspace Location Dave Strain 58
Makerspace Operating System Steve Traugott 58
Makerspace Instructors Andew Morrison 58
Defining the word Makerspace John Fenley 58
Makerspace Creation Monitization James Tunick 58
Makerspace Expansion Andew Morrison 58
Makerspace Core Group Burnout Erik Leonard 57
Makerspace E-Waste Recycling David Brightbill 57
Wireless computer monitor contact lenses Sean Auriti 57
Coderbounty Sean Auriti 57
Group Communication Tools James Tunick 56
Software Tools for Makerspaces Mike Greenberg 55
Maker Jobs Brent Richardson 55
ABS Pen Sean Auriti 54
Makerspace Demographics Maureen Muldavin 54
Makerspace Legal Documents J.R. Logan 54
Makerspace Public Vision Eric Harness 54
Bugheist Sean Auriti 54
Makerspace Education Success Tracking Brent Richardson 52
Makerspace Laws J.R. Logan 52
ZDrone Sean Auriti 48
Automatic high-speed hand washing and drying machine Sean Auriti 41
zipleaf Sean Auriti 40

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