Liability Insurance for Makerspaces by nan nan Braun

It is difficult and expensive for makerspaces to get appropriate liability insurance.

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It is difficult and expensive for makerspaces to get appropriate liability insurance.
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Benefit of Solving the Problem
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  • liminate many hours of time spent investigating and trying to find appropriate coverage. Some makerspaces are aborted or limited in activities they can offer due to limited insurance
Known Barriers
those things which would prevent success of a future solution
  • Agents who do not understand activities or risks, limited companies willing to underwrite, difficult for makerspace organizers to find agents who will broker.
  • Once insured, the level of effort to find it discourages people from competitive shopping ongoing.
  • can have negative insurance impact because of perceived level of risk
  • many insurance agents will not broker the insurance. Makerspaces embedded in other organizations ( libraries, schools, etc..)
  • only a handful of companies in the country will to underwrite this
Potential Collaborators
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nan Braun
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