SWARM-A by sean Sean Auriti

Synchronized Widespread Autonomous Remote Muzzling Assemblage (SWARM-A) The SWARM-A (“swarma”) is a new application of drone technology invented by Sean Auriti in response to CENTCOM’s swarm / anti-swarm needs. The SWARM-A consists of one million quadcopter drones, each one about the size of a deck of cards, all packed together into an easily disguisable shipping container. Layer by layer, the drones undetectably launch from the shipping container and go out hunting their target. The drones all communicate with a maned command center, another strategically placed and disguised container. A total of two-three containers are needed for this operation. Container One will house the drones and open from the top for easy launch. Container Two and Three contain soldiers who will have the power to initiate manual override and control a group of 25,000 - 100,000 drones as well as communicate their success to other stations. The two control containers will each have three levels of individual control centers in which a soldier is stationed. Each enclosed section of the container will have touch sensitive screens which can only be utilized by authorized persons through fingerprint recognition ensuring that enemies cannot seize manual control if they were to penetrate the container and disable our soldiers. The swarm will be pre-programmed to go out into a designated field of battle and will be given specific instructions to perform once a certain criteria is met. The swarm can perform several different operations which can run individually or simultaneously depending on our needs. Operation Alpha uses a 360 degree camera system integrated with a highly specific image recognition system which can achieve accurate recognisance. Swarma can assess the precise number of enemy soldiers and alert nearby swarm bots to achieve a 1-1 human to bot ratio. Operation Beta accurately identifies enemy weapons in the designated sector and swiftly disable them by launching a disabling chemical into the weapon. For weapons with barrels, the drone will inject a piece of expanding soft metal that ceases the gun from operating. Because the drones are so small and swift, they can approach the enemy at close distances for extreme accuracy. Operation Gamma directs the swarmbot to its next location. It can either return to the operation base or be sent on another nearby mission for recognisance or weapon disabling. In the case of the swarmbot being captured by the enemy, it will self destruct after notifying the other swarmbots and soldiers and the command center. The essential technologies integral to the Swarma’s success are: high definition 360 degree camera image recognition system launch accuracy encrypted communication system reliable automation for instant actions appropriate metal chemical for disablement, possibly liquid graphine location specific disguise for containers

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